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Canadian woman files Mirena class action lawsuit against Bayer over pregnancy complications

A Canadian woman has filed a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer of the intrauterine device Mirena. The lawsuit filed by Amy Tudor of Nova Scotia alleges that Bayer AG failed to properly warn Mirena users about the health risks of the IUD, which can include internal injuries and pregnancy complications.

According to the class action lawsuit, Tudor began using Mirena in December 2010. After being informed that she was pregnant in November 2012, an ultrasound revealed that the Mirena IUD had perforated her uterus and migrated to the lower area of her cervix. Doctors advised Tudor that she will eventually have to undergo surgery in order to have the IUD removed from her body.

Although injuries caused by Mirena can often lead to the loss of a pregnancy, Tudor says that she is still pregnant and expecting to deliver her baby in late June. However, she says that she experiences almost constant pain as a result of the location of the IUD in her body. “It’s like I’m being stabbed daily. So I’m not only being kicked and punched internally, now I feel like I’m having stabbing pain,” Tudor says.

The Mirena class action lawsuit Tudor has filed against Bayer alleges that the company failed to properly warn patients about the risk of side effects they could face from using the IUD. In addition to the risk of pregnancy complications, uterine perforation, and migration of the IUD faced by Mirena users, patients may also be in danger of an increased risk of infection, adhesions, pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, and other side effects.

Tudor’s class action lawsuit is seeking damages on behalf of Canadian women who used Mirena and suffered complications from the device. Although no Mirena class actions have been filed in the U.S., women who suffered internal injuries or pregnancy complications caused by the IUD have already filed lawsuits against Bayer over their injuries.