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Florida woman files Mirena lawsuit over pelvic inflammatory disease from IUD

A Florida woman has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Mirena after she developed pelvic inflammatory disease from the IUD. Angela White’s Mirena lawsuit also alleges that the birth control device caused her to develop additional side effects, including severe cramps and ovarian cysts.

Mirena is a hormonal intrauterine device (IUD) that can be used to prevent pregnancy for up to five years. Warnings by the Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada have linked Mirena to an increased risk of complications, including migration of the IUD, uterine perforation, damage to the internal organs, pregnancy complications, and other side effects.

White’s lawsuit against Mirena’s manufacturer accuses the company of failing to properly warn patients about the risk of side effects from using the IUD. The lawsuit seeks more than $75,000 in compensatory damages, as well as punitive damages and legal costs.

Despite the warnings issued by the FDA and Health Canada about the health risks of Mirena, neither health agency nor the maker of the device has announced plans to issue a recall of the IUD. Thousands of unnecessary injuries and hospitalizations may occur among women using Mirena because of the failure to remove this dangerous drug from the market.