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Mirena use to lessen menstrual symptoms may put women’s health at risk

Women who use Mirena birth control in order to lessen the severity of their menstrual symptoms may be placing themselves at risk of serious and potentially life-threatening complications. A recent study found that women who use birth control products containing the hormone levonorgestrel—including Mirena and a recently-approved IUD called Skyla—may experience less severe symptoms during their menstrual cycle.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine study, the use of a Mirena IUD to prevent pregnancy limited the effects of heavy menstrual bleeding for some women. The study was conducted as part of a clinical trial for Mirena known as ECLIPSE.

Although doctors were encouraged by these findings, women who use Mirena to improve their quality of life during menstruation may be putting themselves in danger of suffering complications from the device. According to warnings by the Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada, Mirena may place women at risk of side effects such as uterine perforation, adhesions, infections, migration of the IUD, infertility, and complications during pregnancy.

A number of women who were injured after using the IUD have filed Mirena lawsuits against the manufacturer, Bayer, alleging that the company failed to properly warn patients about the risk of side effects. Women who have suffered Mirena IUD side effects may wish to speak with a lawyer to learn more about filing a case.